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Bornemann Pumps

Bornemann Pump Cart With Hopper

Bornemann Pump Cart Side

Bornemann Cut Out

Twin Screw Design


Bornemann Pumps Twin Screw design for the SLH features no metal to metal contact between the pump screws and housing. This enables the conveyance of non-lubricating, and corrosive and contaminated materials. As the pump rotates, the chambers of the twin screw pump are filled with the medium and pushed to the discharge side. The chambers also have the advantage of preserving the media size, surface, visual integrity; and low pulsation conveyance.


The pump can also be operated in reverse by changing just the shaft direction with no other modifications to the pump.


Convey and Clean with one Pump


The 2-in-1 principle conveys and cleans in one pump. Due to the wide range of pump speeds