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About Us

American Seals West was founded in 1987, and incorporated in 1988. Its founding fathers began their journey as leading representatives for the Anchor Packing Company, until it was dissolved in 1986.

For the last 35 plus years, American Seals West has developed a well known reputation for its service, innovation, and product knowledge to service the tomato, wine, dairy, and wastewater industries throughout California. Our primary focus is to provide the best service possible, for a cost-effective long term solution for your fluid sealing needs.

We specialize in mechanical seal repair. We can design, and replace ANY type of pump seal, regardless of its complexity. In many cases, we can come up with ways to help them perform even better in the field. We stock 1000’s of gaskets and prints of many sizes and materials, and we can custom cut gaskets for your needs. One call is all you need to make.

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