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Magnetic Traps

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Magnetic Separators For Liquids Or Slurries

ASW offers magnetic traps by Cesco. Cesco MagTraps are North America’s popular brand of magnetic separators for liquids, slurries, and pumped chunky products. These powerful magnetic line traps are available in more than 30 off-the-shelf models and an unlimited number of custom configurations when manufactured to customer specifications.

Standard sizes for ½ inch to 6 inch lines. Metal trash and fines, including work-hardened stainless steel as small as 0.0001 inches are captured by powerful, rare-earth, neodymium magnets and held in-place until cleaned. Powered by proprietary, easy to clean, tube or plate circuits that operate to pressures of 750 PSI and temperatures to 500° F.

All of Cesco MagTraps are certified sanitary and guaranteed to meet or exceed current USDA and 3A standards.

Product Viscosity

Class 1 Class 2 Class 3 Class 4
Fluids and Strained Products Pulped Products Viscous Products Very Viscous Products
thin salad dressings, thin soups, warm jellies, clear broths, beverages, juices, light sauces applesauce, pulped fruits and vegetables, custards, syrups, cranberries, hot preserves, baby foods pumpkin filling, chopped foods, creamed cheese, frozen slush, heavy sauces, batters, heavy purees nut butters, slow flowing products, cooled products, minced meat, thick batters, pet foods

Food Grade L-ring Gaskets

Property EPDM(Std.) BUNA-N VITON
Temperature Range -50 to 400 ° F -20 to 225 ° F -15 to 400 °F
Acid resistance fair good excellent
Alkali resistance good fair good
Veg. Oil resistance poor excellent excellent
Steam, to 350° F good poor poor
cesco magtrap model 110

Cesco Model 110

Max Pressure 200 PSI
(.5" to 1")

cesco magtrap model 115

Cesco Model 115

Max Pressure 150 PSI
(1.5" to 3")

cesco magtrap model 125

Cesco Model 125

Max Pressure 200 PSI
(.5" to 4")

cesco magtrap model 110

Cesco Model 135

Max Pressure 750 PSI
(1.5" to 4")

cesco magtrap model 135

Cesco Model 135ec

Max Pressure 750 PSI
(1.5" to 4")

cesco magtrap model 170

Cesco Model 170

Max Pressure 750 PSI
(1.5" to 2.5")

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