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Mechanical Seals

ASW specializes in mechanical pump seals. Seals prevent product from leaking into the pump. A working seal increases productivity and saves money. They come in different configurations and materials. We stock a variety of spring seals, metal bellows, and double seals. We can provide split seals upon request. We have the ability to cross reference your seal.

Mechanical Seal Repair

Depending on the condition your seals are in, we may be able to repair them rather than replacing them. By repairing seals, our customers have achieved greater cost savings while still having excellent service and response times.

We commonly repair OEM seals from the following companies:

  • John Crane
  • Sealol
  • PPC
  • Chesterton
  • Flowserve (Durametallic and BWIP)
  • Rossi & Catelli
  • Eng. Rossi
  • Manzini, FBM
  • Tri-Clover
  • Waukesha

Mechanical seal repair includes cleaning, replacing o-rings, reinserting, re-coating, lapping, and air pressure testing (as applicable). We also offer chrome oxide plasma coating for your stainless steel parts.

Mechanical Packing

ASW offers a large variety of mechanical packing materials. We commonly provide equivalent or “same as” styles of many major manufacturers. Please call us to have any style cross referenced to achieve better cost savings. All of our packing is asbestos free.

Mechanical Packing Material includes:

  • Flax
  • Aramid
  • Teflon

Service areas

American Seals West services all of the United States of America & Canada.

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