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Winery Tank Door Gaskets

All of our tank door gaskets and inflatable seals are made in the USA by employees in the USA with ingredients from the USA.

Tank Door Gaskets

Our quality winery and brewery tank door gaskets come in over 140 different styles, sizes, and hardnesses. They can fit either belly-in or belly-out doors, oval tank doors or round tank doors.

We also make cut to length gaskets with over 25 different cross sections. These gaskets are extruded to the required length and then the ends are hot vulcanized together, to create a solid gasket. Hot vulcanizing the ends together creates a more durable gasket than gluing the ends together.

Our gaskets can be made to order for tank doors from a 6 inch full face tank door, up to 6 foot diameter (and larger) tank door.

Molded Tank Door Gaskets Size Cross Reference

This is a partial cross reference list. If you do not see what you require, please call.

Door Size given is based on a round door, however the Manway style gaskets can stretch to fit oval doors.

tank door gasket closed
tank door gasket open
GTD Molded Gasket Guide

(Manway style shown)

A* B* Gasket Style Size Notes
6.875 0.250 Full Face / Manway W31 6" Hand Hole
11.000 0.250 Full Face / Manway W41 11" Hand Hole
19.100 0.710 Full Face W33 Bumps on front
19.100 0.220 Manway Pro Manway Fits 16" x 20" Oval/td>
19.500 0.220 Full Face Pro Full Face 19-1/2" Full Face
19.650 0.312 Manway W32LL Racking, Fits 17" x 21"
25.000 0.500 Full Face / Manway W38
25.438 0.188 Manway W37

*Dimensions are in Inches.

Extruded Tank Door Gasket Size Cross Reference

These are some of our custom cross sections. These can be extruded to any length and hot vulcanized for a dependable seal.

extruded gasket sample 1
extruded gasket sample 2
extruded gasket sample 3
extruded gasket sample 4
extruded gasket sample 5

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