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Hygienic Stainless Steel Fittings

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Tank Top Components

Tank Top components such as vacuum relief valves, pressure relief valves, spray balls, sterile connectors, are are generally mounted on the top of any tank.

Tank Vent

Cipriani Tank Vent

Tank Vents are used as a Breather valve to avoid vacuum or over Pressurization inside a tank, or a piping System. How it works — When the pressure inside a tank goes below the atmospheric pressure the valve starts to suck in air to equalize to pressure inside the tank with the outside air.

Similarly, when the pressure inside the tank goes above the atmospheric pressure, then this valve would release the excess pressure to create an equilibrium. *Tank vents are also available with optional gas purging.

Sterile Connectors

Cipriani Sterile Connector

A Sterile Connector is designed to reduce the hold up volume, when used in tank or piping systems. Using the Sterile connector in your process system helps to reduce the hold up volume and ensure easy and effective cleaning of the system.

These connectors use a proven sanitary clamp design to seal the surface and are often used with different types of sensors, sampling valves, view glasses and other applications where “dead leg” is to be avoided.

Spray Ball

Cipriani Spray Ball

Spray balls are used in Tank systems primarily for effective cleaning Of the inside surface of the tank. This spray ball can be offered as static or rotating spray ball. A variety Of configurations are available.

Overflow Valves

Cipriani Overflow Valve

Overflow Valves are Used in tank systems and process piping systems where over pressurization needs to be controlled. This Sanitary hygienic overflow valve can be adjusted in a specified pressure range.

When the Pressure in the system exceeds the set pressure, the valve releases the excess pressure automatically.

Fittings For Piping

Cipriani Harrison has an array of pipe fittings to suite your piping system requirements. Pipe fittings primarily consist of Elbows, Tees and Reducers. They are made from high quality stainless steel tubes, and meet the high demand of ASME, BPE, and 3A quality standards. These fitting are also available in design standards like ISO, and DIN.

Stainless Steel Pipe Elbows

Pipe Elbows

Cipriani Pipe Tees

Pipe Tees

Stainless Steel Pipe Reducers

Pipe Reducers

Cipriani Harrison Pipe Clamps

Pipe Clamps

Inline Sight Glass

Cipriani Inline Sight Glass

Cipriani Harrison’s 95-Series Inline Sight Glass is designed for visual inspection of the product flow in a piping system. These sight glass can be installed either in a vertical or horizontal position. The design of the 95-Series Sight glass ensures no residual product is trapped, making it hygienic and cleanable. This sight glass is available in sizes from ½" to 4" with either Borosilicate or Polycarbonate clear inserts.

Tank Sight Glass

Cipriani Tank Sight Glass

Cipriani Harrison’s 64T-Series Weldon Tank Sight Glass is designed to allow you to see the product inside a tank. These sight glass can be installed either on a side wall or on the top of the tank. The design of 64T-Sight glass ensures no residual product is trapped and the sight glass is fully cleanable. The tank sight glass is available in sizes from ½ to 4" with either Borosilicate or Polycarbonate clear inserts.

Sanitary Clamp Unions

Sanitary Clamp Unions

Sanitary Clamp Unions are one of the most widely accepted clamp fittings in a process piping system. Clamp unions consist of two ferrule, a Clamp and a gasket.

The ferrules are manufactured from high quality stainless steel forging and machined precisely for high level of dimension tolerance and surface finish. They meet the ASME BPE standard requirements.

The sanitary clamps are manufactured from high grade stainless steel via a lost wax casting method, for better dimensional stability.

The sanitary gaskets used in the union are manufactured to meet US-FDA 21CFR & 3A certifying standards.

On request, also available with USP Class VI certificate to meet high demanding Pharma and Bio-pharma needs.

Available in dimensional standards like ISO-2037, DIN-11864-3, & I-Line.

Threaded Pipe Unions

Threaded Pipe Unions

Threaded pipe unions are one of the most widely accepted fittings in the process piping system. Pipe Unions are available for hygienic and sterile applications, and suitable for both manual and automatic orbital welding.

Our pipe unions are manufactured from high quality stainless steel forgings and precisely machined to meet the dimensions and higher grades of surface finish.

The seals used in the union assembly are FDA 21CF certified. These unions are available in different dimensional standards such as DIN 11851, ISO, SMS, IDF, RJT.

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